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Maggie 'The Super Doula' slash funniest woman you will (ever) meet:


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Transplanted from the midwest, I've lived in Brooklyn for 10 years this fall. I have a Bachelor's degree in Family Science, focusing on marriage and family therapy. I am a DONA trained Birth Doula, a Birth Assistant at the Brooklyn Birthing Center, and a Midwife's Assistant for two Homebirth Midwives. I wear a lot of hats but no hat hair. I have had the honor of witnessing over 300 beautiful babies enter into the world. Whether you have decided to deliver in a hospital, birth center, or in your home I have an outstanding report with healthcare providers. I have worked in 11 different hospitals in the NYC area, 2 birthing centers, and a dozen homebirth midwives. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the experiences of pregnancy and childbirth with women and their families. I love working with families that have a sense of humor, especially if they will laugh at all my jokes. When I'm not admiring pregnant women, you will most likely find me making people laugh and serving my community.

As of February 2018 I am partnering up with the incredibly, talented Kerri Evers.

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"I didn't hire Maggie as my doula but sure as heck might be doing just that for the next baby.  She was a part of my birth team as a birth assistant and my husband and I were blown away by her professionalism, her knowledge and skills and her SUPER relaxed, calming attitude.  There were complications with my birth and Maggie made me feel so safe and I never questioned that things were be just fine.  The fact that she knows SO MUCH about the medical side of birth PLUS has such a supportive presence, she'd be the best doula ever!  Perhaps in a year or so, I'll know for sure. " Kacey, Eli's mommy (Update: She hired me for baby #2, she made a smart decision)