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Balance Hormones

When a woman births the placenta, she loses the many useful hormones contained in it that were produced during pregnancy. It can take months for the body to balance these hormones again. Taking placenta pills helps reintroduce these hormones into the mother's body in small doses, until her body resumes its natural hormal balance.

Decrease Chance of Postpartum Depression

Iron-deficiency in postpartum women can lead to fatigue and may be a contributing factor to depressive symptoms. The placenta is extremely rich in natural iron and can be a valuable and natural resource to replenish the mother's lost iron supply. It is also rich in naturally-produced B6 which is often used to combat depression. Many mothers find the combination of these substances in placenta encapsulation to be helpful.

Increase Energy & Facilitate Healing

The placenta contains hormones and nutrients that have been found to increase energy and promote healing.  It is also rich in naturally-produced iron and protein, which can help replenish the mother's nutrients following childbirth.

Promote Healthy Breast Milk Production

The  placenta contains Human Placental Lactogen and Prolactin, which help prepare the mammary glands and stimulate milk production.  These are often beneficial in successful breastfeeding of a new infant.

"While I was pregnant, I had heard about placenta encapsulation, but wasn't sure what it was or why it's good. Maggie's warmth, sense of responsibility and love for the business of babies and pregnant ladies is apparent, so of course, I trusted her with this task. The pills gave me a boost of energy when I needed it, and my milk was flowing big time. Of course I was emotional, but who isn't when they are falling in love and getting no sleep at the same time?! Four months later, I still have lots of pills and one or two whenever I feel like my energy or milk is down and I need it to go up. I am so grateful for Maggie, for her extra loving-care, for her services to babies and mamas, and her dedication to the business. She's the best!!"--Anna, Crown Heights

"I received placenta encapsulation services from Maggie and will absolutely do it again when I have my next baby.  She was super quick and brought the pills right to my apartment.  The pills themselves were nothing short of amazing.  I felt a surge of energy after I took them and didn't experience ANY of the moodiness that everyone prepares you for post-partum. I love Maggie!"--Kacey, Bay Ridge

"I couldn't be happier with having had my placenta encapsulated by Maggie. She was lovely to talk to, and to communicate with when we were hammering out the logistics of getting the placenta into her hands. Maggie made those logistics so easy for us, and the whole experience was positive. I am very satisfied with the placenta capsules themselves as well. I didn't have any breast engorgements like I had had when my first two children were born, and my energy and moods were much more leveled. It was also such a pleasure to meet Maggie; she's a truly lovely person." -Michal, Park Slope

If you are interested, please email me and I can answer any questions. Other services offered: Tinctures, Salves, Prints, and Scrubs.

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