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"It was 7 hours of impossible pain, but a pain with purpose, leading to an infinite happiness. I will always remember the words of the our doula, Maggie, 'Stay on top of it.' These words were spoken to me each time I would fall on my knees, and was about to give up, when I would feel sorry for myself, crying and screaming. Each time I heard, 'Stay on top of it', I would immediately jump to another dimension, and feel on top of everything, alone, concentrated on my breathing, in the moment, here and now, with no doubt. So I had 7 hours to practice 'Stay on top of it', just with the essence of the pain, without any brakes. I had to choose between these 2 options : crying and giving up or breathing and giving myself to the moment. And that’s how we were born. Mila born 9 pounds and 4 ounces, with her fist raised to the top, like Superman..and myself born as a mother with a strong memory of Maggie's words. I will try to apply these words in all situations in my life, when I’m raising my daughter and myself.At the end of the day we are all born, we were all babies, and all of our mothers gave birth to changes in themselves. For each mother their own experience is the most special thing to happen to them, now it is my turn to share in this intimate experience."   --Mila's mommy, November 2011

"My labor was one full of plot twists. At times it strayed so far away from my birth plan that the only real constant became Maggie. Maggie, helping me breathe my way to the end of the harder contractions. Maggie, rubbing my back in the car as I was transferred to the hospital. Maggie, reminding me of my power as I pushed my son into the world. Even with my mother and partner there, I found myself reaching for her when I felt most afraid. Her nurturing spirit, sensitivity and tirelessness kept me focused and comfortable. She often knew what I needed before I needed it, whether it was ice chips or encouraging words. I know my birthing experience would have been strikingly different if I hadn't had her there to, literally at times, hold my hand and walk me through it. I am forever grateful that she was a part of the most important day of my life." --Avery's mum, June 2012

Avery Pheobe

"Alex and I can't thank you enough for being a part of our birth. You were so helpful and integral to our ability to do this. You will have a great doula career."

--Phoebe's momma, April 2012

"My husband took his cues from her and with their combined encouragement, I remained calm and relaxed through the delivery. Maggie helped me understand what was happening at every stage, so I was never left in the dark. The hospital staff was so impressed by her that they asked about her afterwards. We were truly blessed by her attentiveness, strength, and knowledge. She will forever be part of Zella Ruth's birth story and life and we are so thankful!"-- Zella's biggest fan, Caroline, July 2015

Zella Ruth


Want to know what families are saying about me?

"Maggie is an extraordinary person and doula and we cannot recommend her highly enough. You will be so, so happy that you asked Maggie to be your doula!

Once my labor really got going, Maggie came over with her dreamboat energy, humor and relaxed, confident presence. She was totally present and supportive to both me and to my husband, Daniel, during the hours of contractions and pacing in our small apartment, the insane cab ride and throuhout the night at the Brooklyn Birthing Center. She has a rare sensitivity to timing and tone, and knew exactly when to step in and offer encouragement, and when to step back and create space for us to just be together or to just allow for silence and focus. I had low fluid and Reuben had the cord wrapped around his neck, so Maggie strategically coached me for hours and hours, helping me to pace myself while making steady progress... when to walk, when to rest, how to breathe, and of course, how to push! It is just such a pleasure to be in the company of someone so knowledgable, and it was so cool to realize in hindsight all the tiny, critical moves she was making the whole time without our knowing to make Reuben´s entry into the world smooth and healthy. What a truly incredible teacher!"--Reuben's #1 woman, August 2016